How To Start An Essay About Goals?

What can be worse than talking on your unpredictable future? Only talking about your goals for the future. It takes some time to start and sometimes an introduction can take more than a day to compose. At that moment an awful feeling hits your writer’s confidence. Since you can’t think of anything decent and worth to share with your reader. You realize that a single statement explanation for an MBA program application essay won’t be enough to win the Admission Committee’s approval. A good start is the one that hooks the professor who has viewed more than a thousand of such introductions.

So what it takes to write an engaging introduction?

Everything depends on the issue. If you write about your academic goals for an admission essay, you must form a particular thesis. And it should describe your most impressive goal to make an admission officer interested in your candidacy. I do recommend to apply the following tips to your introduction describing your academic goals.

Don’t begin with clichés or formalities

The worst introductions are those standardized and outworn phrases students use all the time. They think such clichés and generally accepted formal phrases can increase their chances to get a positive answer. However, it only makes an officer bored and ignorant. Be creative from the first word. Try to talk to your reader as if he is the only person who could understand your academic goals. You must sound sincere and open-minded but show consistency in presenting your future goals. The college or university admission officer should understand that an author of an essay knows exactly how to build own future.

Don’t reveal all your secrets in the introduction paragraph

You must keep to a golden middle saying enough to make your reader interested in the topic. Yet try to avoid generalizing or using highfalutin words and sentences like “I strive to be an exemplary student”. It is only a claim not supported by 100% evidence. Your introductory description of goals must be concise but describe you as a real person behind that paper. You should sound as a real individual who came to the officer in person and talks about own achievements and cravings sitting in front of his chair.

Don’t give any details or summarize the main points

Present no details until you get to the body paragraphs. For example, you can mention your work experience in a high school newspaper but don’t specify how many months or years. Keep it for the main part of your essay. And do not confuse an introduction with a conclusion summarizing the main points. First, you’ll make an impression that you do not know the basic application essay structure. Second, you will give a reader no reason to continue reading your essay.

Create an intrigue to hook your admission officer

Think of this intrigue from the very beginning. But do not create it with a simple question because it will be too weak and no too engaging for the admission officer. You can select an original quote that fits your main goals and uses it at the very beginning half opening the door to your world of a perfect applicant. However, be careful not to go too far in your desire to impress a reader, because it may sound too personal, too desperate or too inappropriate for an application essay.

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