How To Write An Academic Paper With The Highest Result?

No one comes in this academic world with proficient writing skills to satisfy the professor’s high requirements. Yet that’s what you can acquire in the process of constant writing. I’ve tried my patience on 5 persuasive essays before I got enough confidence in structuring and organizing my thoughts.

Now if your aim is to find a universal formula for any type of academic paper, you will just waste your time for the useless search. Because crafting a good academic paper can depend on a couple of these factors.

  • A subject and required style
  • The type of your paper
  • Your professor’s requirements
  • A chosen or assigned topic
  • The targeted audience
  • Course readings and resources

Now let’s delve into the actual process of crafting an academic paper. The first what you’ll need will be an elaborate schedule. Mind that your schedule makes sense only if you set deadlines and stick to them.

  1. Choose a broad topic that evokes some interest in you.
  2. Look through a variety of articles or blog posts on scientific websites regarding
  3. your topic.
  4. Gather links in the reference list to each article.
  5. Compile a number of studies in your broad topic.
  6. Stop your search and focus on narrowing the topic to a certain idea which can grow into your main thesis.
  7. Form a thesis statement grounded on your narrowed topic.
  8. Craft the first draft outline which you will shape in the process.
  9. Get back to the library and the resources search.
  10. Consult with your instructor about the preferred topic and a chosen set of resources and studies to get the approval or any hints how to enhance your academic paper.
  11. Begin writing an introduction and improving a thesis statement.
  12. Provide opposing viewpoints first if you are dealing with the argumentative essay. Then proceed to refute them with your own arguments based on solid evidence and reliable data.
  13. Concentrate on the main part of your paper dividing it into meaningful parts with a separate argument to prove in each part. Use transitions to make all your viewpoints tied together within one thesis.

This can become your working guide yet you can develop your own blueprint.

How to write a thesis statement in less than an hour?

Perhaps it sounds too promising though I do consider composing a thesis statement 1-hour work. It’s just necessary to limit yourself with time not to get stuck on one paragraph for a few hours or even days. I totally share your natural disposition to drag a bit and follow your personal pace of writing habit. But it doesn’t change the fact that you have 60 minutes exactly to write this painstaking statement.

A conceivable thesis statement should be concise (2 lines at least), accurate and debatable. Your thesis should embrace the main idea in this statement. An idea which you will expand into a few supporting and even contradicting arguments.

Make a full use of your outline and gathered sources

Now you’ve crafted a thesis statement but it doesn’t make your whole introduction. You must define the basic concepts and terms which refer to your already narrowed topic and thesis. Reveal your specific purposes so that a reader would know what you strive to achieve by researching a particular issue.

Proceed to the main body only after you know exactly what arguments, viewpoints or ideas to include. Do not make up or twist facts. Find trusted and approved data to fill your paragraphs with reliable evidence. Do not forget to tie together all the paragraphs building them around your thesis.

When the time comes to write a conclusion, I beg you do not scroll to the first page and repeat your intro in synonymous words. If you strive to write a convincing conclusion, talk about the significance of what has been said in your main body and prove that abovementioned arguments relate to the main thesis and all purposes set in your introduction.

What style should I choose if it’s not required?

I would certainly choose APA style. But don’t expect “because it’s the best” to follow my preference. The thing is that I have adjusted to APA style too much and I’m comfortable writing an essay within its guidelines. However, if you are assigned to craft an academic paper in the specific style, I certainly recommend you to study the slightest details in an academic writing manual. And I do mean it because when the whole work is completed and you have to correct spacing or enumeration, the time almost slips through your fingers. Hence, you might get late with your deadline and get a lower grade for such procrastination.

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