How To Write An Essay Proposal To Get 100% Approval?

Some essay assignments can make the student’s life rather complicated. Especially if a professor requires writing a proposal before crafting an actual essay. It is a common assignment for a thesis paper, though, for students who got used to simple essay writing, it can become a big challenge. This article will try to clear up the way to writing a winning essay proposal.

What is the point in writing an essay proposal?

When we are given freedom to choose any topic and issue that makes us interested, we can’t get rid of the fear it won’t get an approval. In this case, the whole work becomes useless and you’ve got to revise or worse, rewrite it.

Choosing a topic, begin with an interesting issue or a problem. Then move to finding a solution and presenting strong arguments to them. In general, your essay proposal must include a claim, evidence, reasons, and consideration. Generating a claim you have to offer a kind of resolution to the displayed problem and designate a particular action to make a change. Remember that you have to formulate your claim in accordance with your audience needs and expectations.

When you present your evidence and reasons, underline the significance of a problem and relate it to your thesis (or a claim). You must also demonstrate a certain resolution within your presented reasons. And the last thing to do is to consider some other proposals and possible refutations to your solution.

What are the parts of an essay proposal?

After you are done with a preparatory stage that involves narrowing a general issue to a certain topic, define your target audience and someone competent who can implement your solution to the highlighted problem. Make a sustainable research on your topic documenting all helpful sources used in your proposal and bibliography. Try to show other related to your issue problems and different approaches to their solutions. Explain why people are so concerned about them and try to dwell on found rebuttals and criticism of your position to the problem.

Divide your proposal into the following meaningful parts:

Compose a Cover Letter so it could take 1 page.

Introduce the problem and solution to it. Show the significance of a highlighted issue. Address it to a particular person or a group of people.

Give a brief statement of an introduced problem. Try to develop 1 sentence describing your narrowed issue.

Reveal the problem’s background in the Introduction

After you have described a problem, indicate the history of its development and begin convincing your reader about its actuality and seriousness. It must become almost personal affecting the reader and his feelings.

Denote your proposal. This is the main part of your paper where you have to present a step-by-step solution including specific details:

  • The estimate cost and expenses on implementing your solution;
  • Someone responsible for providing the solution to your problem;
  • The approximate time of implementing a working solution;
  • The resources and personnel to make it work.

Bring out justification limiting it to one paragraph

In this part, you have to advertise the reasons to accomplish the proposed solutions and support them with your grounded arguments. You must clearly demonstrate the potential values of applied actions and justify the high cost of expenses. Show the negative consequences from not implementing your solution.

Summary and refutations

This is a rather flexible section which you can place right after your introduction or before the justification part. Here you have to present not only all possible refutations to the solution and embrace other possible solutions but also respond to those refutations with persuasive arguments.

Make your Conclusion

Sum up the main points of your problem and solution to it. Strengthen your position convincing the reader as your target audience to start acting. Your conclusion must reassure the audience in his decision to support your solution.


If you are not required a specific style in an essay proposal assignment, choose APA or MLA depending on your personal preference and previous experience of the most frequently used in your written papers. Although Bibliography takes last pages, it is essential to compile your sources from the very beginning. Be accurate and note everything from the start not to return to the library at the last minute.

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