How To Write A Good Intro For A Research Paper?

Who said introduction is easier than writing at least a single body paragraph? Of course, it can take you more than just an hour. The problem with introductions for any kind of academic paper lies in making a reader curious about the topic you have chosen. But how to arouse enough interest to make a smooth transition to the body. I know many academic writers who write body paragraphs and conclusion first. This approach might sound wrong, however, if it works, why not? I also tried this way of research paper writing. Though soon I found it more difficult to write body paragraphs without seeing my thesis statement and purposes I need to achieve.

To make the process of writing an intro easier you should keep in mind these necessary ingredients:

  • The current understanding of a topic
  • The background researched information
  • Main purposes of your work
  • A hypothesis within a particular problem
  • Explanation of your methodological approach
  • Highlighting possible results of your accomplished research
  • The outline of your research paper structure.

Begin with a few questions

Before crafting your opening sentence, you must answer 7 questions to clear the road to a good thesis.

1. What are you studying?

2. Why is a chosen topic important to study?

3. What did the previous studies show?

4. What changes will your study bring?

5. How do you want your audience to react to your arguments?

Consider three stages to craft a good introduction

A. Determine the field of your research

At this stage, you will have to explain why your topic is important. Provide general statements and thesis on the topic and make a short overview of your research.

B. Define the niche of your research

You have to oppose any assumptions that already exist and disclose a gap in the previous research. Then develop a research problem or question. Proceed with the traditions and methods of researching in your discipline.

C. Include four necessary components of a grounded introduction:

  • Explain the intent of a research and study
  • Name the essential characteristics of a research study
  • Describe the achieved results
  • Outline the structure of your research paper.

Choose a particular approach to the problem through delimitations

After you select a topic, you should spend some time on choosing your researching approach and methods to study the problem. Then you will have to explain your choice to the audience through the following delimitating questions:

  • What objectives and aims does your study arise?
  • What questions do you address in your research?
  • What are various features and other factors of a studied phenomenon?
  • What are your methods of investigation?
  • What time period does your research cover?
  • What are other relevant alternative theories you can adopt into the research?

You can use these guidelines to create a perfect intro for your research paper but even they won’t save you if there’s one day left before the deadline. In such a case I do advise you to request for the help of a professional writer on – a custom writing service with the best reputation on the web.